Memorial Day

Once again it is Memorial Day. It is a time in which everyone should take a moment to think about their life and all the freedoms that they enjoy. The Freedom to say what they want. The Freedom to worship who they want and believe in. The Freedom to live where they want and how they want.

It is the Vets that have died for you to have that Freedom. It is the Vets that fought for that Freedom and came home to their own lives after just doing their job. It is the Military members today that go where told and just do their jobs. So whether they have done their job or are still doing their job thank them for their service. Thank them for the freedom they have provided you so that you can live and do your job.

This is not a matter of endorsing any political party but just endorsing the sacrifices made by men and women for their country and those they care about. Besides is just a few moments out of your day to thank them really that big of a price to pay for all that they have done?

To all the Military Veterans past, present and future…..

Thank you for your service… it will not be forgotten….